A Kenyan Woman Manufactures First Running Shoes.

Navalayo Osembo is a Kenyan lawyer and accountant and the co-founder of Enda shoes. For a young woman who has achieved a lot in education out of the shores of Africa and even an appointment with the UN, leaving that behind to start a business in Kenya must be a tough decision.

In an in interview with Wode Maya, a famous travel youtuber, Nava highlighted her inspiration behind what she does and her reason to start a business back home.

She said “Living in abroad made her understand that Africa is not taking advantage of the vast resources we have and the fact that local athletes struggle to make money to acquire the basic things to support their talent is a problem. My initial taught was to start this to help them whiles providing employment.

Wode commended her for helping change the narrative people have about Africa.


Watch full interview with Wode Maya here:


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