Emotional Video of Cliff Devries Diving On His 48th Birthday After Tumor Ended His Olympic Dreams

We are going to be talking about Cliff Devries today who has been the coach at RIT for the longest time, he has been a coach there for about 15 years now, during his tenure as a diving coach at RIT, Cliff has coached eight All-Americans and has trained several other talented divers.

As a result of his incredible work in the sport, Devries has been awarded the prestigious Richard E in the year 2018, he has been an Olympic dreamer himself but he was limited to coaching only after he went through a tragic incident, it seems like his story is being shared with the world as he is going to have a well made short documentary on his tragic incident.

See below all you need to know about Cliff:

He marked his 48th birthday with a dive in the presence of his family and loved ones. An emotional moment to all that was present.


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