Kobby Kyei Talks Social Media With French Ambassador On ‘Touch of France’ TV Show

The use of social media has affected its users in many diverse ways. Content on social media provides both positive and negative impacts on its users.

It is believed that, social media has provided jobs for people and making positive impacts, however its users have been cautioned against its negative impacts. These negative effects come as a result of the content and personalities they follow.

We can recall on Touch of France hosted by H.E. Anne Sophie AVE, France Ambassador to Ghana – Ghanaian bloggers Kobby Kyei and Ameyaw Debrah spoke on the use of social media and its impact on the community.

According to Kobby Kyei, he believes that, whatever content he creates has an influence on those who follows him and thus, he is always careful with what he puts out there.

“My followers are my community and I am the leader, so I need to know that, these people are following me so what content I’m I giving them? Where are you directing them? Because anything you put up there goes a long way to affect them”, Kobby explained.

He further added that, the young ones especially should be very careful with content on social media, and whom they follow.

“Again, we are in a world of audio visuals, so what people see and hear is what they believe, and the mind is very strong. So I keep on advising the young ones that when they go on social media, they should be very careful and know the people they are going to follow.”

He likewise expressed that, “we are also in a global village and people are watching from afar. People call me, they don’t know me, they are in the States, in France and they will say they love my content. Even though I am in Ghana, but I’m reaching a lot of people.”

According to Kobby, he also did a research about female SHS students in Ghana. He says, “if you go online and type SHS girls in Ghana, because of social media, it will pop up images of SHS girls twerking and all that, and these young ones will grow up to see these images and it will go a long way to affect them. Growing back, there are a lot of pictures that we posted, but today we go back to delete them because we don’t find them healthy.”


SOURCE: Kobby Kyei

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