Sneaker Nyame Redefining Entrepreneurship

In the wake of governments announcement that the public sector was full and could no longer accommodate the millions of certified graduates, innovation is a lot more appreciated and celebrated.

If you’re a fan of social media, specifically Twitter then you might have heard of a young Entrepreneur who is changing the face of Entrepreneurship. The Sneaker vendor who has been hailed the God of Sneakers has successfully built a brand that speaks for itself, the quality of his products are impeccable and is attested to by all his clients. He also has his own unique packaging and delivery system that customers enjoy.

What sets him apart is also the fact that he’s not only a Sneaker plug, he is also an entertaining Talk Show host with a show on Twitterspaces called the #SneakerNyameFm which has a massive following. He uses this platform to discuss social issues and also to maximise promotion of his business amongst others. He is also Co Host to arguably the biggest show on Twitter which is the #KalyJaySpace hosted by Kalyjay. The duo have managed to partner with Jumia Ghana, Huawei and other well established brands to promote small businesses and young men and women.


This game changing technique hasn’t gone under the radar as more brands and personalities throng in to associate with the Sneaker Nyame brand.

We look forward to the progress of this young Entrepreneur and the next moves for him in these troubling conditions.

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