The French Ambassador to Ghana unveiled as Diplomat of the Year at Supreme Dynamic Talent Academy Awards launch

France Ambassador to Ghana, Ann Sophie Avé

France Ambassador to Ghana, Ann Sophie Avé


Her Excellency; Ann Sophie Avé, the France Ambassador to Ghana and the host of the Touch of France Tv show, has been tapped to receive an honorary award at the 2021 SDTA Awards, in the Diplomat of the Year Category.

The Supreme Dynamic Talent Academy Awards or SDTA Awards (Pronounced as STAR AWARDS for the initials) is a prestigious awards scheme presented in an annual awards show, hosted by Supreme Dynamic Talent Academy to celebrate and honor the supremacy and dynamism of both African and international creatives and talents in the creative arts industry, whose works have projected the arts and entertainment sector supremely.

The SDTA Awards Motto is; Celebrating the Global Supremacy of talent and Creativity.

While the 2021 theme is; Straight out of Africa to the world!

The Global prestigious awards scheme was launched alongside Supreme Global Talent Reality Show & Black Beauty Africa TV at the Prestigious Midindi Hotel in Cantonment, Accra Ghana.

The press launch night was a red carpet affair, a semi-private exclusive event that gathered the global crème de la creme; Pressmen (radio & TV personalities, bloggers & newspapers) kings, queens, diplomats, celebrities, actors, models, designers, entertainers, creatives, youths, entrepreneurs and trailblazers were all in attendance for the laudable and groundbreaking press launch, there wasn’t a single open seat in attendance.

H.E Sophie will accept her award during the Awards Gala in December.

During the Awards Gala, H.E Sophie is expected to offer insights into her extraordinary leadership as the France Ambassador to Ghana, her success at Touch of France TV show; a television show that is based on the idea of propagating the open cultural exchange between France and Ghana and generally what it feels like to mix Diplomacy with Entertainment and being social.

At the Press launch; The France Ambassador to Ghana also presented, band ambassador certificate for a job well done to Shallie Abbiusi, the international brand ambassador of Supreme Dynamic Talent Academy Awards & Supreme Global Talent Reality Show; Shallie is also a Tv reality show star, model and travel blogger from Belgium.

A formal call to enter the nomination stage of the world’s most uniting and more prestigious awards for the creative arts and entertainment industry professionals and rookies will be launched on the 10th of October 2021 at the awards website.

There are other various important categories apart from the creative arts or entertainment industry categories, which is a celebration of the creative community and the multitude of ways the industry has thrived over the last year. The other special categories include a focus on lifetime achievement awards, Diplomat of the Year, philanthropy, and CSR Categories.

Therefore, eligible talents, creatives, brands, philanthropists, organizations and individuals, should prepare to submit their applications, once nominations are open.

The deadline to submit entries is November 9th at exactly 11:59 PM GMT 2021.

The 2021 SDTA Awards nominees will be virtually announced on Black Beauty Africa TV on the 16th November 2021, while the 2021 SDTA Awards recipients/ winners will be announced on the 4th of December 2021 at the 2021 SDTA Awards Gala in Accra, Ghana.

This first edition of the SDTA Awards will give Awards in 3 different categories namely;

Category A – For Supreme Dynamic Talent Academy, graduating students.

Category B – For Supreme Dynamic Talent Academy, team/staff. (salute to loyalty)

CATEGORY C -: Is for the general awards categories (Eligibility; open to all within the creative arts/entertainment industry from around the world )

All Making a total of 46 different awards For 2021 Edition, recognizing & Celebrating the Global Supremacy of Talent & Creativity.

Speaking on why the France Ambassador to Ghana was Chosen by the Awards Academy Board to be honored: The Awards Young Chairperson & C.E.O, Hon Zino said, She possesses an abiding interest and passion for the arts and crafts of diplomacy, international relations, and a deep-seated love for the creative arts or entertainment industry, an obvious example or evidence is the way she handles the affairs of her TV show; a touch of France and just like our awards 2021 theme clearly states “Straight out of Africa to the world” she exemplifies that with her hard work as both the France Ambassador to Ghana and of course as the host of a TV Show, which promotes diversity, inclusion, and Unity, thereby building strong ties between France and Ghana, she’s exemplary.

“This is really what SDTA Awards is about. It’s not just an Awards Scheme, we are bridging the gap & bringing the world together, For what we choose to build today will contribute to a better world tomorrow, It’s about unity, Diversity & Inclusion, we are one world & We are proud to Mention Ghana as the Host Country for this maiden edition, SDTA Awards is Straight Out of Africa to the world.

As the Chairperson/C.E.O, this Successful press launch is a proud moment for me & I’m looking forward to the Success of the Awards Gala, to celebrate talent & Creative Supremacy worldwide!

We Truly hope that you will make it to the nominations, we can’t wait to meet you in person at the Awards Gala, Good luck!

Also, don’t forget to keep pace with us on all our social media handles to stay updated! “

You can get all your FQAS answered by asking your questions in the comments section of @SUPREME_DYNAMIC_TALENT_ACADEMY Instagram

You can also watch the SDTA AWARDS GALA, live on the YouTube channel of Black Beauty Africa TV, from any part of the world!

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YouTube: Black Beauty Africa Tv

Source: Supreme Dynamic Talent Global Group

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