Video: The Sea Has Taken Over Our Homes And Road

This will not be the first time the people of Ketu South have appealed to the Government to come to their aid concerning the sea taking over their homes and roads.

Mawukeonya Yawa Gomashie on Facebook, posted a video of how the sea has taken over the road.

The post was captioned:

“Nana Addo, I will write to you again soon. In the meantime our homes are being washed away by the tidal waves. The sea has taken over the road and our homes. The road that was constructed by our money. Nana Addo, please save the road, save our homes”

Her post got people talking and sharing their views about the current situation. She also highlighted the stress school children go through  just to get to school. Some do not even go at all because the sea washed away their bags, uniform, shoes and books.

The Works and Housing Minister, Francis Asenso-Boakye early this year has mentioned and assured that government will finance the construction of an eight-kilometre sea defence project in the area.

Government is currently putting the financial arrangements together, and I’m very hopeful that in the course of this year we should start the construction of the sea defence project here. This project will cover 8 km, and it will be the first time. I want to assure you that government is committed to protecting your lives, livelihood and property.”

We have just over a month to end the year and the situation is still the same in the municipality. The question being asked by Mawukeonya and the people of Ketu South is, When will the sea defense be built and for how long should they wait?


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